Teaching/Research Ceramics Material Practice As Research

In the course, ceramics served as the framework for research, discussion and experimentation on digital design and fabrication technologies. While ceramics has one of the longest histories as a material in architecture, it may also still be one of the material families to offer the potential and mutability to generate a range of novel applications by engaging a variety of emerging digital fabrication processes. The Craft-based manufacturing and high-volume industrial production traditionally associated with clay-based ceramics was rethought through the lens of digital design and fabrication techniques.

Institution: Harvard GSD

Year: 2014

Students Work: Annapurna Akineni, Spyridon Ampanavos, Aziz Barbar, Sofia Blanco Santos, Lisa Caplan, Tiffany Cheng, Laura Day, Kritika Dhanda, Roland Faust, Akshay Goyal, Jacob Hamman, Kevin Hinz, Alexander Jacobson, Jiyoo Jye, Mehdi Khelif, Frederick Kim, Haemin Kim, Ping Lu, Qurat-ul-ain Malick, Alkistis Mavroeidi, Michael Meo, Julia Michalski, Fani-Christina Papadopoulou, Jake Rudin, Josh Schecter, Raphael Stahelin

Photography: Maggie Janick

12192014_SCI6317_Asensio_061-1.jpg 12192014_SCI6317_Asensio_013.jpg 12192014_SCI6317_Asensio_014.jpg 12192014_SCI6317_Asensio_031.jpg 12192014_SCI6317_Asensio_001.jpg 12042014_SCI6317_Asensio_021.jpg