Teaching/Research (Re)Fabricating Tectonic Prototypes

Leire Asensio currently directs an elective course at the Harvard Graduate School of Design on digital design and fabrication.  The course is framed by a general ambition to develop explorations in digital design and fabrication tools that is equally informed and enriched by historical precedent while still maintaining a speculative and novel outlook. The primary focus of the course is in the development of skills, techniques and both conceptual as well as technical understandings of the application of digital processes and tools to the development of tectonic and construction systems in architecture. The course is dedicated to developing a project that takes advantage of a number of emerging and established digital techniques and processes in order to develop new prototypes for construction systems that will take inspiration from and expand on the analysis of a number of exemplary construction/tectonic systems.


Institution: Harvard GSD

Years: Since 2010

Student work: Sofia Koutsenko, Javier Martin, Johannes Staudt, Juan Pablo Ugarte, Rachel Dickey, Olga Mesa, Ling Li Tsen, Xin Li, Yun Fu, Juan Yactayo, Chen Hao Lin, Ricardo Solar

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