Platform 7 Exhibition and Book

The Platform 7 exhibition and book was designed, curated and edited by Leire Asensio Villoria of asensio_mah for Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.  The exhibition and book are an annual showcase of the work and activities of the school.  The two mediums were designed to be closely related in the ways that the work would be communicated to an audience.  The diverse work developed by the different departments would be allowed to occupy a specific space within the book or exhibition, while areas of overlapping or shared interest are placed in close proximity to make explicit and allow reflection on the different and often converging approaches emerging from the three departments towards larger concerns related to the built environment.

The exhibition was developed as islands of aggregated tables that would simultaneously group and put in close proximity different areas of the school’s production and activity.  The tables were designed to allow for multiple aggregations, creating different “island” morphologies and a differentiated archipelago of exhibits.  A corrugated edge allows for different ways to engage with the work, where smaller “bays” allow for visitors to locate a space to study the displays more closely, while visitors are still able to enjoy a wide cross section and general overview of the school’s production.

Project: Platform 7 Exhibition and Book, Design, Curator and Editor

Year: 2014/2015

Collaborators: Dan Borelli, Melissa Vaughn, David Zimmerman Stuart & Harvard GSD Exhibitions Construction Team and Fabrication Laboratory.

Team: Leire Asensio Villoria, Elizabeth Wu, George Athanasopolous, Jisoo Kim, Patrick Burke, Kevin Hinz, Anita Kan

Photography: Harvard GSD and Anita Kan

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