Teaching/Research Digital Media For Design

These projects, developed within a series of elective courses offered by David Mah over a number of years at Harvard’s GSD, engage with the potential of a range of emerging digital design techniques as a means to speculate on their potential application in generating novel material arrangements.  In these course this has ranged from Carl Koepcke and Marshall Prado’s use of computational simulation to locate the form for pneumatic structures that they deployed as temporary substrates for constructing inhabitable ice landforms to Zheng Cui’s leveraging of OOP (object oriented programming) to deploy stochastic processes from which a material assembly emerges. These projects point towards a speculative impulse in computational design techniques and processes to locate novel material arrangements, potential performance or applications as well as breeding new design sensibilities.

Institution: Harvard GSD

Years: Ongoing since 2010

Student Work: Carl Koepcke+Marshall Prado, Zheng Cui, Arthur Liu+Mark Rukamathu

zheng_cui1.jpg kopecke_prado_1.jpg kopecke_prado_2.jpg arthur_liu_mark_rukamathu_2.jpg