Beijing Horticultural Expo

The invited competition for the masterplan of the 2013 Beijing Horticultural Expo required the planning of an area equivalent to Central Park. In our estimation, to plan for an area of such a scale solely around the requirements of a short term event seemed to be counter intuitive. Instead we proposed to plan the site for different time scales, where the various landscape and infrastructural systems implemented on site, would enable the emergence of different organizations and qualities at different times. Even more significantly, this strategy would allow for transformable public spaces that could be enjoyed by visitors to the expo and subsequently by Beijing locals in their everyday lives.  New wetlands, rain gardens, infrastructure, architecture and public spaces were woven with the larger scale landscape and ecological ambitions for the region and the revitalization of the Youngding river.

Project: Beijing Horticultural Expo Invited Competiton (Awarded Third Prize)

Year: 2010

Collaborators: LAUR Studio

Team: Mariela Alvarez, Day Jimenez, Roberto Leiro, Ashley Reed

wateredge1.jpg Untitled-1.jpg